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Having a good time pg5(end) by Vale-city
Mature content
Having a good time pg5(end) :iconvale-city:Vale-city 1,147 77
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Pokemon: A New Evolution (Chapter 5)
Chapter 5: You Teach Me
By SmashUniverse64 and edited by crazedfoxmrn
Blaze sat on the outside ring of the arena, putting her claws behind her head as she watched Sparks start to lecture Aaron. She sighed in exasperation.
“Her moves suck compared to mine. He doesn't know what he’s missing,” she pouted.
“He has to start somewhere.” Blaze jumped at the unexpected voice, looking around to see Zoey walking towards her. Blaze shook her head, smirking.
“I still have no idea how you sneak up on me like that. You don't even make a sound!” Zoey giggled a little as she sat down next to her.
“A true master of darkness is only seen when they want to be seen,” she said matter-of-factly. Blaze jabbed her shoulder playfully, and then pointed to the two yellow beings in the arena’s center.
“Look at the
:iconsmashuniverse46:SmashUniverse46 22 11
Pokemon: A New Evolution (Chapter 4)
Chapter 4: A Little Help From My Friends
By SmashUniverse64 and edited by crazedfoxmrn
“So, Aaron, what do you think is going on?” Zoey asked as she and the other Pokémon sat around the base campfire. After the incident in the chasm, they had all walked back to camp together. Zoey had bandaged up her forearm and eaten a few Oran berries, so she was well on her way toward recovery. Despite all of the action that had taken place, it was only about 9 o'clock at night. Aaron shook his head sighing.
“I just… don’t know,” he said quietly, staring down at his new body with more than a little contempt. “The initial transformation was freaky enough as it was.”
“On the bright side, you do look pretty cute when you look like me,” Sparks chimed in happily.
“The mystery keeps getting bigger and
:iconsmashuniverse46:SmashUniverse46 23 23
Pokemon: A New Evolution (Chapter 3)
Chapter 3: Night of Fate
“Damn it!” Blaze screamed, her talons bursting into flame as she watched her trainer turned Pokémon run into the woods. "We need to stop him! He's gonna get himself killed!” Blaze turned to Rin and Sparks with a look of seething anger on her face. "What the hell are you two waiting for?” Sparks hung her head.
"We won't be able to stop him. We all know how Aaron and Zoey feel about each other." She gazed out from the cliff to the vast woodland below. "I'll bet Aaron would do just about anything for Zoey."
"Even getting himself killed," Rin said. "If his new instincts are anything like Zoey's, it could even be dangerous to try to restrain him."
"Nevertheless, we still follow him!" Blaze demanded, the flames increasing in volume and heat. "We need to be there to help if something bad happens." Even with their doubts, Rin and Sparks looked at each other and nodded.
"Fine." Rin spread her wings and dusted off, shooting o
:iconsmashuniverse46:SmashUniverse46 27 23
Pokemon: A New Evolution (Chapter 2)
Chapter 2: Rude Awakening
His mind sat silent for a while, slowly rebooting from the sheer trauma that he had endured over the last hour or so. But when conscious thoughts began to form, he didn't wake up. In fact, it was quite the opposite.
He dreamed.
A landscape appeared in the infinite space of his mind, each and every detail being created by his own memory. As he sat in the center, a dense forest appeared around him, leaving a small clearing in the very center. A sea of clear blue fluid, almost as vibrant as the noon sky, surrounded the new landmass: an island. The sky above filled in with blackness, being dotted with thousands of stars, but one area of the sky remained as white as his blank dreamscape.
And that's when he opened his big blue eyes. The first thing he saw was the huge sphere that hovered over his form. For a moment he just laid there, staring up at the majestic celestial object in the sky without a care in the world. But his eyes tracked a shadow th
:iconsmashuniverse46:SmashUniverse46 32 31
Pokemon: A New Evolution (Chapter 1)
Chapter 1: ...and then you die.
"Oh, Arceus..." The trainer coughed out as he lied at the bottom of a deep chasm in the collection of cold plains that Northern Sinnoh consists of. He had been scaling the great Mt. Coronet in the hopes of reaching the top, the legendary Spear Pillar. It had been a treacherous journey, one filled with long hikes and vicious battles with the native Pokémon of the mountain. He had prepared himself for this expedition over the past few weeks, stocking up on various medicines and remedies at the local Pokémart. Aaron was sure that he was ready for the challenges that awaited him.
“Heh..." he chuckled grimly, staring at the growing pool of blood beneath him. "And it was a little shove that killed me in the end.” He had already lost a lot of blood and a thought occurred to him suddenly.
“Oh. I can't forget about you..." he weakly muttered as he weakly reached for his belt and pulled off a black Pokeball with two yel
:iconsmashuniverse46:SmashUniverse46 87 39
Shiny Absol and Glaceon by ZinZoa
Mature content
Shiny Absol and Glaceon :iconzinzoa:ZinZoa 166 30
Bongo Bongo by ZinZoa
Mature content
Bongo Bongo :iconzinzoa:ZinZoa 54 20
Twinrova by ZinZoa
Mature content
Twinrova :iconzinzoa:ZinZoa 106 8
Female phantom Ganon by ZinZoa Female phantom Ganon :iconzinzoa:ZinZoa 101 34 Morpha anthro by ZinZoa
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Morpha anthro :iconzinzoa:ZinZoa 107 25
Volvagia anthro by ZinZoa
Mature content
Volvagia anthro :iconzinzoa:ZinZoa 133 32



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